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Our company Great Music allows you to mix and match musical to perform the romantic song. Let’s your friends and you have a memorable moving wedding. Our style is classical, jazz and pop music. The price is quite reasonable, can let you remove the program on the arrangements in trouble. We can guarantee that no tricks of the charges after deposit confirmed.


Perform Time

Our weddings package of playing time is divided into two set, performance time of 3 hours, rest time between the two set for 15 minutes. If you confirm use our services, all of appointments need to pay deposit to confirm. After payment if you need to cancel the appointments, you need to pay HKD2, 000 admin fees.


Basic audio equipment
And the general venue (18 table below) sound, we will adopt the following equipment ︰ (all audio will make appropriate fit the venue of the actual situation.)

- BOSE/Yamaha PA Systems include 1 BOSE

- Line6FenderMarshall Amplifier

- AKG/Shure Microphone

- Pearl/Yamaha Drum set

- Casio/Yamaha/Roland Digital Piano


Fever Audio Equipment
Basic audio equipment only enough 18 Wai below, such as the venue for more than 18 Wai banquet, you can choose an additional HKD 3,000 upgrade to the hi-fi equipment, additional audio equipment.

- Profession BOSE PA System include 2-4 BOSE

- Wireless Microphone x 2

- Hammer Organ


Wedding Music layout

We will advance on the weddings of the need to design every aspect of music and music arranged by order of the length of the song has. For example as follows:

Guests seated:  I believeLove generation

Play Wedding Couple Video:  Wonderful tonightSheReality

Wedding couple march-in:  Mickey Mouse MarchWedding MarchCannon in D Major

First Menu:  Love is all aroundWordAll my lovingThe one you love

Toast:  Twist and shoutCongratulation

Guest Leave:  Love is foreverJust the way you are

Closing:  Just the way you areWonderful Tonight



l   On the eve of wedding, we will contact the venue to determine the wedding venue and set the time.

l   On the wedding day, our staff will arrive at the venue 2 hours before dinner, set the PA system and the musical conducting audition.

l   Before the wedding, our musician will arrive 15 minutes before ready.

l   When the wedding started, our musician will be based on pre-arranged program, to perform the wedding music.



Our music style is classical music, jazz and pop music. Welcome to choice the song of our song directory.

l   Other songs out of our song directory need to pay extra fees HKD $ 200 each.

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