Music Course

We are a group of music professional, and the general promotion of music training is our aim to cultivate and enhance interest in learning a suitable mentor is a prerequisite, we can help you find your heart water instructors.

Appropriate professional music teacher arranged for students

To develop and improve the learning interest in music, the music teacher is a prerequisite. Course Venue and tuition price schedule according to the student's degree of interest, we will want to select the most suitable professional music teacher.


Advantage of Great Music HK:

Diversification of music courses

All course content is developed by Music Director Samson Cheung, mainly Trinity Rock / Rock School course professor. Equipped with piano, guitar, pop drum, popular music, music theory and ear training etc., Participants may choose a single on-one learning mode, or together with several like-minded students with learning. In addition, we can also arrange a teacher go to schools to teach beginner to advanced music courses.


School or group lessons

Main reason by Music Director Samson Cheung, we have Chinese drums class, Djembe class, Singing class. We will arrange professional teacher to your center or school.

Music teachers have professional qualifications

Great Music HK teachers are Grade 8 Certificate, is also a veteran music man, has a wealth of experience in music performance, all teachers have to undergo verification, to ensure that students get professional guidance and quality training.


Regularly to organized various types recital

Great Music HK regularly organize various types music concert, so that students can be wide-ranging exchange of musical knowledge, develop good musicianship. In addition, we will arrange for students to public performances and participate in public examinations, and their potential to play.



May arrange the teacher to visits teach and teach in school


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