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Live Music Wedding Band - Great Music HK Wedding Band allows you to mix and match musical to perform the romantic song. Let’s your friends and you have a memorable moving wedding. Our style is classical, jazz and pop music. We also provide party music style, so that you can be in a party like the wedding. The price is quite reasonable, can let you remove the program on the arrangements in trouble. We can guarantee that no tricks of the charges after deposit confirmed.


MC Service - The master of ceremonies for weddings or company banquet is a very important part, Great Music HK can arrange for your professional master of ceremonies for your wedding ceremony or Company Banquet each guest's emotions can be driven to be highest.


Photography Service - Great Music HK photographer has a wealth wedding photography and banquet photography experience, professional photographers shooting the entire wedding process for you to record each important moment to leave a better life for you and your beloved, sweet memory.


Make up & Style Service - Great Music HK makeup artist has a rich bride, or banquet makeup styling experience, to create a different style for the bride, to provide the best and most suitable make-up, to provide you with tailor bride or banquet makeup styling services for you or bride shape most suitable for your makeup.


Wedding Planner - Great Music HK preparation and planning to have a perfect, unique wedding takes a lot of time and thought, but city people today are too busy working, a professional wedding planner is a good helper for a new alignment. Great Music HK Wedding Planner can arrange for you one by one, irrespective choose auspicious wedding registration, the date of the wedding photography and video recording also for the new arrangements.


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